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“Couples Counseling” in your Marriage

Courses of therapy aren’t exactly new. I don’t think we’ve had a significant collection of studies on the topic since the 1960s. But, over the past few years, I’ve seen my share of couples in therapy, and I’ve had a lot of practice in handling the problems they face in their relationships.

I think a lot of this comes from being in a situation for a long time when you first start dating. The honeymoon phase is when you’re getting to know each other, becoming familiar with who you are as a couple and what you want and need from life.
But, after a while, the work of becoming a couple doesn’t just start and stop. The work is taking a long time, and the honeymoon phase is also an extremely transient one. You’re dealing with each other every day.
This means that the work you do as a couple has a long-term impact, even after the initial honeymoon phase is over.
So, what does this mean?

It Means That Your Relationship is Affected by the Way You Two or Both in the Couple are Affected by the Work Done by the Work in the HBCC
The work that you do as a couple is affecting the relationship as a whole. Research shows that couples that are married or in a civil partnership have happier relationships. But, psychologists believe that there is also something to be said for a “couple that is married or in a civil partnership, but they still do the work.”
I don’t agree with this idea, but I also don’t think it has to be the work that breaks the couple up.
In my opinion, the couple should stay married or in a civil partnership even if they don’t have a very good relationship right now.
The reason being that even though you did the work of becoming a couple, the relationship is still affected by the way you two or both in the couple are affected by the work that has been put into the relationship.

If you want your relationship to remain intact, you should still do the work needed to keep the relationship going.
If one of you ends up being the victim of emotional abuse, and you still want the relationship to continue, you are still taking on the risk that the relationship will continue to be affected by your actions and your continued presence in the relationship.
This is why it is important to first work on yourself, and then go to your partner to see how they are doing.
It is also important to know that although you did the work to create a happy relationship, this won’t solve all the issues that you may be having. Sometimes things take their own life of their own.
Sometimes, the best thing for the relationship to do is to let it go.

But, even if the relationship does end when its natural course dictates, you still made the effort. You did the work and you want to make sure that the relationship never stops working for you.
So, even if you decide to stay married, you still worked the work.
It’s Time to Work on Yourself
Although the couple did the work, it is the couple that decides how the relationship continues.
And it is also important to know that although this article was written for couples in a civil partnership, many of the ideas can be applied to marriages as well.

Remember, it is always easier to work on yourself, but you should always continue working on yourself.
Sometimes, you may feel like you want a relationship that was done in a more formal setting. But, the thing is, you don’t. Relationships are not things that are prescribed to you.

You can’t force a relationship to stay alive. It can die any time. But, you can work on yourself and the relationship will continue on.
You should always remember that you always have a choice. You always have a choice to choose peace. But, the only choice you get to make is the choice to stay alive.

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