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How to tell if someone has a Crush on You

It’s incredibly difficult to tell if someone finds you attractive.

At least, that’s what I used to think. We spend a lot of time wondering if our partner has a crush on us, and we often feel insecure about it. Don’t we need to just shut up and be happy?

The truth is that no one can tell if someone finds you attractive. But if you’re having difficulty detecting whether someone finds you attractive, you can try these techniques to let you know when someone’s leaning in for the break out.

Activate your emotional intelligence.
When it comes to spotting a crush, your emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role.

Having an emotional intelligence that allows you to read others is crucial for keeping your cool during tense situations. Your ability to read the situation and your understanding of the other person will help you identify whether or not they’re becoming more vulnerable by reacting or if you’re creating instability you shouldn’t be seeking.

Putting it all together, when trying to decide whether someone finds you attractive, be sure to pay attention to all the tiny details, including how someone reacts to you and responds to you.

If you can’t spot the signs of a crush, search for the signs of someone who’s leaning in for the split. In the end, it’s up to you to learn to spot them.

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