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Relationship expectations: Are yours being met?

Women are often accused of having unrealistic expectations of relationships. We are often told that “only 2 out of 10 men are going to be faithful”, that it is a woman’s fault if her man leaves, and that a relationship must end by definition for it to be healthy. When a woman thinks about her relationship she must imagine a million different scenarios: it could be with 10 different men, it could be with 10 different women, it could be with her best friend, it could be with her boss, it could be with her child, it could be with anyone and everyone she has dated in her life, it could be with no one in the world. It does not matter what she does or does not do, it is all her fault. If she can’t keep the relationship going, it is her fault. If she can’t keep it going, it is her fault.

She expects to be able to have it all, be it with him, him with her, him against her, him in a relationship but not her, him and not her. She cannot have it all, and she certainly cannot expect to have it all at the same time. There are many things a woman must consider when it comes to a relationship, such as; how long is the relationship going to last, is it going to last for life or is it going to end eventually? Are they going to be exclusive, semi-exclusive, monogamous, or are they just seeing each other for sex and a hook up lane? Is it going to end because one of them has kids, or is it going to end because they simply have different lives and lifestyles? Of course, it all has to be about the other person, but it is not all about her. Men have to consider their families, their wives, their children, their future, their place in the community, their job, their ex, their ex’s family, their town, their country, and so on. It is hard to find information out about a man’s life because he is primarily concerned with his, and his only life. Women, on the other hand, often make a mess of their lives because they have no other choice.

How do you expect to have a healthy relationship and be satisfied if you don’t even know what relationship you are trying to have? Relationships require work, and you must see that work as relationship-making. You must form the relationship, then, and not get into it until you have a relationship. You must be in the relationship to get into it, even if you know it is not worth it. It is hard for the average woman to make sense of life when she has no idea what is going on. She has to read about it in book form, see it on TV, or read about it in a book. It is not the same thing, really. When a man is on a relationship adventure, he does not need to be in it to feel like he is on a journey. He can be doing something else, but the fact that he is on a relationship adventure doesn’t mean he isn’t supposed to be on a relationship adventure. It is the meaning of the word, “

Relationship Expected to Grow in Time as You Perceive it Yourself to Grow
If you don’t believe it, how the hell do you expect it to grow in time? You don’t believe it when they tell you their relationship is like a beautiful sunset, right? A beautiful sunset would grow on you eventually, but in a gradual way. You assume the same will happen with relationships, but you don’t know when it will. You can’t even begin to predict how things will turn out because you don’t know what lies ahead.

It is hard for the average woman to make sense of her life because she has no idea what lies ahead. A man may be trying to figure it out, too, but he has no idea when he will reach the point where he can actually predict it. A woman on the other hand, has a pretty good idea where she is and what lies ahead.  She just doesn’t know when she will reach that point or how.
There are many reasons why women have such a hard time making sense of their relationships, but often they are not aware of what is going on right in front of them. We will take a look at some of those reasons below, but first, let’s talk about what relationship puzzles really are.

Relationship Puzzles
 Usually when a woman has a relationship puzzle it has nothing to do with her as the man is not the cause of her puzzle.  Many women have relationship puzzles because they are afraid that if they don’t solve their puzzle at once point in time, bad things will happen to them.

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