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What does it mean when your Husband or Boyfriend treats you like Shit?

Many woman ask: What does it mean when your husband or boyfriend treats you like shit? It can mean a lot of things. It can mean he is a piece of shit, or he acts as though you are a piece of shit because he has seriously undervalued you. It can mean he is a male churl, or he treats you as though you are already content as a female. It could even mean he is already committed, or he is not ready for a committed relationship.

Sometimes people treat you like shit because you are expecting too much, or because they are having a hard time making decisions with their life. Well, when you treat  him like shit, he is definitely having a hard time making decisions with his life, and it is definitely affecting your relationship.

So, if you want to stop this behavior, it must start with you. You must treat him like shit, and make him believe it, or he will eventually get the message.
Treat Him Like Shit

Until then,  he will keep acting like a bitch. and you will keep treating him like a bitch. And that will create another worst-case scenario. You will either get tired of it, or stop treating him like a bitch and he will stop treating you like a bitch.

It is time to put your foot down on occasions when he is treating you like shit. You should not have to treat someone you love like shit, and feel like crap when they do it. This is not fair, and it is not healthy. You should not have to sign a release form whatever way he or she treats you, just in case they decide to treat you like shit. Remember, if they break one promise they will want to promise more. And that will create a massive mess on your hands, and the problems you found in the first place.

If you have to sign a release form so your partner can treat you like shit, why do you feel you need to do this in the first place? Sure, your boyfriend or husband might not behave like an adult when you are with him, but is that enough to keep you from leaving him? It should. When you feel like you cannot survive much without him.

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