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How to be an Art Girl

One thing I have in common with Noah and me is that we are both artists. My husband is an avid user of the arts, and we both love to create.

I remember his shock when he saw my new piece at the studio. It was a large canvas, black on white paper. The paper was folded in such a way that the creases were drawn to form the nose of a cat.
Noah saw the cat nose and didn’t think to comment. It was a dumb reaction, but I don’t remember him ever questioning my taste in pieces of art.

I know that one of my favorite things to do in the house is paint. It is not because I like cats, but because it gives me an outlet to create and see art from a different perspective.

Since our relationship started, I have tried to increase my freedom to create and share my opinion on art with my husband. I know he has his own favorites and don’t believe in copying others. But I have found that increasing our free-flowing conversation about art has helped us maintain our individuality while discussing our favorite pieces.

Owning your own opinion and being willing to discuss it is a key part of being an art-loving woman, I feel.

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