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How to be Vulnerable in an Online Community

Vulnerability is an odd thing.

It feels like weakness but looks like bravery. It’s the only way to push relationships deeper, but it might also be the only way to keep them alive.

Why? Because it’s dangerous.
Being vulnerable means you have to share yourself. That means sharing your past, where you are now, and what’s happening now. It means you have to be honest about things that don’t interest the other person, like your pain, or your past.

But it also means you have to be honest about things that do. Like what kind of person you are, what you do, and what you believe.

How will you become vulnerable with this person?

What vulnerability do you need to bring?

What surprises do you have up your sleeve?

What personal revelations will you enjoy sharing?
How will you make this community more attractive to vulnerable people?

The answer is simple.
You will connect to others in the community when you admit what you’re vulnerable about.

You will feel uncomfortable first, and then proud and proud. This will be easy for you. You will be comfortable being exactly who you are, no more, no less

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