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Is your marriage being slow to give you expressive enjoyment?

Is your marriage getting better or worse over time? Is it getting more difficult to express your love and admiration for your partner? If your marriage is slower to give you positive feedback, you may be dealing with some underlying issues that are making it difficult for you to be excited about your relationship and express a positive feel-good feeling.

If your happiness is suffering because of the slow pace your marriage is taking, you should be aware of those issues so you can work on them so you can get the positive feedback you need to feel better about your relationship.

Is Your Marriage Getting Better or Worse Over Time?
If you have noticed your relationship has been getting slowly better over time, but lately it has taken longer than usual to get the positive feedback you need, you may be dealing with some underlying issues that are slowing things down. You should also know that over time your relationship will pick up where it left off so it is best that you not rush things and make sure you are all on the same page. You can’t have a good relationship with an insecure person, and your relationship can’t be based on insecurity. If either of you is in an insecure relationship, it is going to get far more rocky than you want it to.

If your feelings are suffering, and you are unable to express positive feelings about the man you love (or your marriage), that is another issue you need to address. If you are unable to do so, your relationship is one-sided, based on selfish expectations, and will inevitably sink into dysfunction. If you feel you cannot reciprocate your partner’s feelings, take it up with your spouse. Let them know (in a clear, strong, and forceful way) that you feel they do not convey the same care and affection towards you that you do towards them. Let them know how you feel and why. Ask them what helps them retain their affection towards you, and about what does not help them. Let them know what you need to do to express your affection towards them. Let them know how you feel and why, and how they need to change to feel more like you.

Be honest. Don’t lie. Don’t fake it. If you feel you cannot express positive feelings towards your partner or the relationship because they do not reciprocate your feelings, it is time to work on your underlying issues, not after a certain period of time has passed. Don’t let your fear of losing them get in the way of what you both need to do to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

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