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Love Loyalty?

Is it possible for someone to love you, without anything being said? If someone has the key to your car, can he drive it without starting up?

Is it possible for your boyfriend or husband to say “I love you” without acting like a psychopath? Is it possible for your mother to say “I love you” to you on the phone when you are busy eating a giant block of cheese?

We have received many messages from people that say they love someone without any action being taken to return the favor. What kind of relationship is that? What kind of commitment is that? It is time to put the poppycock on the chalkboard and learn what the law says.

Love Loyalty

The truth is the bald facts that be found on either side of every issue will show you that love loyalty is a myth. Sure, people can bond like cats and dogs, but force it at your own risk. You take a big risk by trying to form a relationship without being the top dog. A relationship with commitment can only come from someone who believes they deserve it.

So where do you find these selfless people? They are right here with you, ready to put their word to deeds. These people are your neighbours, your friends, your son, or daughter-in-law. Let them know you are looking for something serious and let them know there is no one more important to you both than the relationship you have. Rather than having “love” pass through your fingers every time you meet, have the courage to put some space in between the two of you. It is just common sense to want to be looking out for common good.

Is He Loyal?

Is he loyal? Well, who wouldn’t be? If he has access to the whole deal, he is likely to be loyal to you too. If you have a problem with that, then make your partner feel comfortable enough to speak up. Most people want to be treated with respect, and they will do the same for those they care about.

 You want to keep your partner close, but you also want to keep the things that bring you satisfaction and contentment within your relationship. If you don’t, you have to find a way to make those things happen. Only your partner can make him or her feel comfortable enough to speak up. Only your partner can make you feel comfortable enough to listen. And only your partner can make your partner willing to put forth the effort to solve their problems.

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