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Sometimes, part of the challenges

Every relationship comes with different challenges. Sometimes, the challenges are obvious and can be seen very early on in a relationship. Other times, however, it can be harder to tell when the challenges are going to come around to bite us in the butt later on.
If you’ve been in a relationship where there’s been a sense of pressure there are some things you might want to need to discuss with your partner — challenges. Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you’ve had to change jobs or leave a relationship because of relationship issues. You’ve probably seen people deal with breaking up or leaving relationships because of relationship issues.

It can be hard to tell when those challenges are going to bite us in the butt later on.
Up until recently, I didn’t think there were challenges when it came to saying goodbye to relationships. I thought then, that if it was going to end, it had to end properly and it should be a happy ending. But time has taught me differently.
When it comes to relationships, sometimes I’ve been afraid to say goodbye because I didn’t think I could handle it. I thought I’d make it out with just enough time left to ensure I’d never feel sorry for liking them again. I thought I’d feel more happy than sad at the end of it, and that whichever way things went, I’d have been a better person for having been able to experience it.

But no. I’ve only ended relationships because of fear. I’ve often been too scared to give up things I loved for too long, even though doing so was my own personal privilege.
Time is a precious thing, and something we should always treat with respect. But a too-quick “good-bye” can actually do more harm than good. We receive so many messages from friends and family saying how much they love us, and we too often forget to say goodbye to people who have the duty to love us.
We should always be honest and upfront about the things we love. I don’t care if it’s our partner, a child, or our pet. We don’t need to hide these things from the people we love.

But my favourite thing is still my ownself.
I still love me, and I still have the ability to love other people too. I just don’t have the desire to do so anymore.
I think it’s this lack of desire that makes us slip up so easily when we are now too afraid of what might happen if we say no. I feel more love towards people than most people I know, and my favourite people in the world are still scary towards me.

But I am learning, and I am getting better. I no longer feel afraid to love myself and I feel proud of having achieved being the person I am at the moment.
I no longer feel the compulsion to say yes to people who don’t want me to, or who take my time when I ask for a relationship. Yes, I deserve to be respected and I deserve to be loved. And I still believe that relationships work when we work together. I have started to make my own decisions in many things, and I believe this is the key to living a better life.
But time is running out.

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