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The Objective way I know if a Man is worth my Time

I know, I know, this article probably sounds a bit like clickbait to you, and so, naturally, you’ll want to scroll to the end to find out what I claim to be my “trick”.
I get it, I don’t like my time wasted either. So go ahead, scroll through the subtitles and make a few quick judgments, but keep in mind that you’re selling yourself short with all of this window shopping. It’s costing you too much and you’re missing all of the sales.

Everyone’s specific criteria for the perfect relationship is going to be different, and this article merely outlines the key characteristics I’ve come to in my own relationship, and what I believe are valuable in assessing the relationship as a whole.
I’m only going to address two of the most common questions I get about relationships, and I’ll explain how I know if a relationship is healthy enough for you to invest in.

These questions are:

I’m sure you’ve had questions about yourself too. What do you want your career to look like in 10 years? How do you plan to pay for everything in your life? What do you want your family to look like in 10 years?

These are all important questions, and they all require takeaways from a successful relationship. The core insights are going to happen when you have a conversation with a partner you trust, and when you have a conversation with your family.
One of the most important aspects of assessing a relationship is looking at our own values. What are our goals? What do we want our society to look like in 10 years?
It’s not just about what we say we want, or what we think we should want. It’s also about what we want, and how we plan to get it.

The other aspect of assessing a relationship is looking at the health of the partnership as a whole. How comfortable are we, and are we integrating? Is the communication between each other solid? Is the commitment strong?

If we feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied, it’s a sign that the couple isn’t quite on the same page. We want different things from our romantic relationships, and we’re not always willing to engage in a dialog about those hopes and dreams.

A healthy partnership isn’t one that fights every battle. It’s one that fights as a team, with each partner contributing in a variety of ways.
As humans, we have a way of climbing on each other. Mentally and physically, we’re both working to survive. It’s when the mental and physical landscape shifts to a place where one person can lift the other that the true potential of our relationship is revealed.

All of our relationships are building blocks; they’re the foundations that we’re building our future in. As individuals, if we want to be with someone who is building a beautiful relationship, we have to be willing to let them help build yours too.

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