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What happens when a Relationship Doesn’t Work?

Do you think your relationship will last?

What happens when a relationship doesn’t work out?

Many people find themselves in a relationship where they don’t feel loved, they may even feel unloved. The problem is, so what?

Doesn’t that just mean they wanted the relationship to end instead of loving someone who didn’t want to be loved?

That’s the problem we as women have. We take things personally, and instead of using that energy to focus on our own development, we use it to fix people and take them off the market.

Isn’t that why you lost the thing you wanted in the first place? You didn’t want what you had to lose, so you ended it.

Doesn’t that just make you tired? So you take it day by day, and make the most of each day you have.

Because you feel the relationship has value and you want it to have a better future. What happens when it doesn’t work out?

Instead of putting all your effort, energy and love into a relationship that doesn’t work, you put it into one that never changes on you.

Well, it is not the same as being with the same person day in and day out. You would both have had to change in order for the relationship to continue. Whereas if it was a dead relationship from the start, all you had to do was keep trying and keep going.

So instead of thinking of all the mistakes you have made throughout the years, think of this next time you want to date. Probably now you will be shocked at what you find out.

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