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How to tell if someone is Interested in You

It’s impossible to have a meaningful and happy relationship if you don’t know someone on the deepest level.
At the beginning of my relationship, I’d say that I had no idea my boyfriend enjoyed video games. But as time went by, I started to notice things about him. For one, he was incredibly friendly when he enjoyed our games. Second, he would often become excited when a game was released or a new game system was introduced. He even mentioned that he loved the game Super Mario World, which my boyfriend did.

Even though I didn’t know that he was incredibly interested in me, I was immediately attracted to him. The only thing was, I didn’t know how to translate my findings about his friendly nature and excitement when new games came out into real life. So I just kept observing him. Watching him engage in activities that I found exciting, such as playing Super Mario World with his friend, or bringing me Chicken salad when I was with my friends.

Over time, I learned that he thought of me as a hero because of how much time he spent with me. He also assumed I was rich because I made sure to meet him at least once a week. He also protected me from predators because he was my friend, and that’s what I most needed at that time.

It was only a matter of time before I realized that to have a real relationship, you need to have some money too.
If you want a beautiful, immersive relationship, you need to pay attention to the little things first.
During our first few months together, I paid attention to what he ate, who he spent his time with, and how he spent his money. As our relationship progressed, I learned more about who I was with my boyfriend and I became more aware of how I could use my income to enhance our relationship.

I believe a beautiful relationship begins with an honest conversation.
I’ll be honest, I still blush when I remember the first time I talked about making money together. I know it was the beginning of the journey and maybe there are still red flags screaming at me from the outside looking in. But I’m here to tell you who I am and what my goals are, so that you can navigate your relationship too.

I think that starts with being honest about values.
My boyfriend has always been forward-thinking when it comes to politics and new ideas. But even he was surprised when I began sharing my liberal beliefs. The truth is, my self-esteem helped me.
When I began to examine what he thought about important topics, he found his own issues with certain policies. Because of that, he was able to understand my deeper concerns.

And because of that, he was able to empower me to better understand the issues that matter to me.
For example, my boyfriend is an early adopter, and he understands that keeping pets should not be viewed as a privilege, but rather one of the key assets in today’s society. He is also an early career professional, and he understands that a large part of my life is about progressing his own life-story.

Our relationship is about advancing our lives, and we make sure to drive the same path together. This means that even the smallest things matter to us; like whether we watch film at night or not, or if we go to the gym together.
These things matter because they influence our futures.
Mine is an agreement-based relationship.

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