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The things you should think twice about telling your lover

You don’t need to reveal all of your secrets to have a good relationship.
Say what you mean.

I don’t know about you, but saying what I mean usually manifests between either delivering my opinion straight from the hip and dead-center with the people in my life, or an awkward bunch of words skimming around the point in an attempt to avoid hurting feelings.
Yes, I have a tendency some days, to get wrapped up in my own thoughts and get caught off guard when things happen.
It might have been a dumb joke or a meaningful expression of love that was interrupted.
Either way, I think it’s healthy to be prepared for whatever might happen.

I’m not always a visionary, but I’m always willing to try to find solutions for people or situations that need taken care of.
Whether it’s a get-well date, a promising business idea, or the next big fight in your relationship, you need to be willing to try to find a solution.
If you don’t, you’ll just keep making the same mistakes without realizing it.
So, as you keep finding yourself in the same traps over and over, I’m going to give you some tips that I think will help you.

If your partner is up for the challenge

If your partner is up for the challenge, then I want you to consider taking the next step and admitting to your partner that you aren’t sure about this.
Even if you’re not actually ready to be alone yet, it doesn’t mean that your partner can’t give you a different perspective.
Both men and women can benefit from hearing something that differs from their own perspective.

When you feel that you’re ready to tackle the idea of getting professionally involved, it’s important to communicate your current thoughts so that your partner can help you find a solution that works for you.
Having this kind of perspective will help you avoid making any final judgments before you’ve had enough time to consider all the details.
And when you’re both ready, you can talk about your plans.

You should be able to talk about your plans before you decide to move in with a romantic partner.
By having this shared vision, you’ll be able to make your relationship stronger while giving your partner the information they need to support you.

It’s also a good idea to discuss how you plan to spend your spare time together, as it can be a huge advantage when it comes to romance.
If you’re ready, let your partner in.
Remember, the goal is to help your partner understand their own perspective and see things from your point of view.

More often than not, my wife and I welcome discussing these things before we even have a commitment.
It gives us the opportunity to make plans with each other that work, and we’re able to contribute more to the success of the relationship because we’re able to start with a clean slate.

It’s better to be upfront about these things because you’re likely to get the support you need from those who need to hear you out.

The Bottom Line

The reality is, some relationships take more effort to build.
That’s OK.
If you’re in a relationship where you need to build it yourself, consider these tips.
They’re based on personal experience, so they may not work for you. I won’t be surprised if they work for you, though.
And remember, the truth is always easier to hear from the people you love.

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