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Consent is Binary

It was March and that means it’s National Passion Plantation Month at Plantation HQ. As I finish up the last of my visits at the sex farm, I take a moment to reflect on what April will be like. I hope it will be similar to February, with more sunshine and less rain. I’re going to Asheville this weekend and will be taking in the many arts and music performances that day. It’ll be my fourth time going to the Netherlands for sex tourism. I still love doing it, though.

This time last year, I met my boyfriend at my sex tour. We went on our first date on a weekend in the Hamptons. A bit of a gamble, but he was into it. We ended up staying together, but it was a bit of a struggle. I got separated from my laptop while he was getting a drink at a bar, and my mind was in so much trouble. I ended up spending the night confused, telling myself I was going to see a movie.

That whole week of filming started on the last day of March.
I ended up filming for an independent film that I’m working on. I’m not sure if our relationship would be possible had we not been filming. I’m sure he finds it sexy, but I’m also sure he would have been annoyed with my interruptions. It’s probably best if we don’t show this part of our relationship. Regardless, the film is coming together nicely.
For our third date, we went to get a pizza. I told him what my favorite pizza was, and how I liked New Jersey pizza. After the pizza was placed, I asked him which one he liked. Which, of course, leads me to my next point.
#2 Is He A Fan Of The Music?

Another thing guys might dislike is music. At least, that’s the case they might think. They might be dismissive of it, or think they don’t like it. I’ve had conversations where a guy got up and told me, “I don’t like music. I’m into gymnastics.”
I like music. I’m a gymnast. Even if I wasn’t, I’d still be more into gymnastics than musicians. It’s something I’m into being young and smart and finally able to achieve what I thought was impossible: being happy. I like the connection that being active makes. I like the connection that having music in my life make. I like the connection that being active makes with other men. I’m not sure why some guys are more into music than I am, but I’m pretty sure the answer doesn’t have anything to do with my personality.

I also like singing, which sets me apart from other men. I’m more into singing and being with other women than I am into being sexually attracted to men. Which to some degree is a nontraditional relationship, but who is going to say? I’m not going to follow all the rules when I set out to be more into music than I am into being sexually attracted to men. And I’m happy being a musician in my own right.
The truth is I’m just fine being the kind of woman that men are into. I like to sing, I like to be in a band, I like to be around other women. I just happen to be into women in general, and not just the kind of women the rest of the world is into.

The Organization I Worked In
On my own, I’m not much of an Organizer. I’m not a fan of rules and planning. I like to just do things. That’s why I have so much free time. The other day I went to the gym because I didn’t take care of my hair and I didn’t look like my pictures. I also wanted to start writing and getting a newsletter, but I didn’t put them on my to-do list because I have so much free time.

Worker Placement
The other reason I got put into the labor force is because of work. I still have a job, but now it’s part time. I was working full time while I was in school and then on my way to work, and it was very stressful. Not to mention, I was making more money than I had ever been in my life.

When I got hired into my job at the labor board, I was given a day off. Of course, I had to work, but I went for a walk half-way through my shift to rest and hit up the local clubs. While I was there, I saw a girl I knew from the dating site and I asked her out. We ended up going on a date, and when we got back to the office, I asked for a “quickie.” She said yes. We had a nice time that night, and we decided to see what would happen if we started dating.

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