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How Relationship Transformed Me

Once my boyfriend and I started dating, I felt like I should be content being the woman he wanted, the one he would see and love, and now that I’ve seen him in a relationship, I’m happy to describe myself as his girlfriend. I have no desire to be his girlfriend.
I don’t feel like I’m betraying him, nor am I asking for too much. I’m simply simply stating my truth. I’m just the same as before, with a different name and a different profile.

What’s changed is that I’ve come to realize that though he’s my boyfriend, not “just my boyfriend”, I have the right to be taken seriously and my needs taken care of.
While he is the man I’ve chosen to share my life with, I also have the right to expect that he treat me as a human and take me as seriously as he would any other partner.
And in this case, I’m not asking what I want, I’m simply stating my case.

While I’ve made some great connections with this lovely man, I’m still not secure in my relationship. I have a feeling that if my boyfriend were to realize how much I’ve changed, that we would rekindle our friendship.
I want to be his girlfriend so bad, but I also want to be him.

Even though I’m his girlfriend, I still want the same things that he wants. I want to be around him all the time, I want to spend as much time with him as possible, I want to be in a relationship with him, I want to be his girlfriend.
However, I also want to be my authentic self, I want to make myself happy, I want to date other people, I want to share my time with people other than my partner, I want to expand my career, I want to move to a new city, I want to be in a relationship.
Being in a relationship with my boyfriend has made me feel so much better about myself, it’s given me more confidence and helped me to expand my world views.

If I wasn’t in a relationship, then I would totally love being single. However, I believe there are reasons why I’m in a relationship and those reasons are worth fighting for.

My boyfriend has taught me that it’s not a waste to try. I don’t think it’s a waste to try to be successful and succeed in love. I think it’s a waste to try to be successful and depend on someone while they fail at it.
One of my favorite quotes comes from the author Robert Bloch, “Don’t be like your father, be like your son.” My relationship with my boyfriend has taught me this the most important lesson:
My boyfriend has made me a better person who knows what she wants and knows what she needs.

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